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Maciej Korczynski

Maciej is an Associate Professor of computer networks and cybersecurity at Grenoble Institute of Technology (France). Previously, he was a post-doctoral researcher at TU Delft (Netherlands) analyzing large-scale Internet measurement and incident data to identify how providers of Internet services deal with security risks and incidents. He was also a post-doctoral researcher at Rutgers University (USA) investigating algorithms in distributed anomaly detection systems. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Grenoble Alps University in 2012.

His main interests revolve around large-scale passive and active measurements for cybersecurity, with a focus on DNS. Since 2015, he co-authored over 30 research papers about domain name abuse, DNS vulnerabilities, DNS reputation metrics, economic incentives for improving security of the DNS ecosystem, IP spoofing, DDoS attacks, botnets, and vulnerability notifications. The research results were published in very selective international research conferences such as ACM CCS, NDSS, ACM IMC, IEEE Euro S&P, or IEEE INFOCOM. Maciej is a member of the Passive DNS Hunters Group, the Domains & Jurisdiction Program Contact Group, APWG (Research Partner), M3AAWG (Academic Member), and a designated representative of Grenoble Alps University at DNS-OARC (Supporter Membership).