Innovative Approaches to the DNS Abuse Problem

Current innovative projects and initiatives include:


NetBeacon is a service created by the DNS Abuse Institute to empower individuals and organizations to report suspected online abuse and to empower registrars to take action against online abuse. Find out more

DNSAI Compass

DNSAI Compass is our initiative to measure DNS Abuse. Find out more by reading our blog, or viewing our interactive reports.

DNS Abuse SupportLine

The Institute is committed to providing resources and tools to help combat DNS Abuse. At the outset, the Institute has created a “SupportLine” to help registries and registrars that have questions relating to a DNS Abuse issue. This program is an opt-in, confidential program so that registries and registrars feel comfortable utilizing this service. We offer it at no cost to the participating registries and registrars. 

This SupportLine is dedicated to providing advice on DNS Abuse issues and not website content abuse questions. To learn more about the SupportLine or to find out how to enroll, contact

Further Innovations

The Institute will further drive innovation in the DNS when it comes to combating DNS Abuse, both in its own efforts and through supporting the efforts of other innovators in the domain space. The Institute will:


Create recommended practices to address DNS Abuse, with particularized solutions for registries and registrars of varying sizes and resources.


Provide funding to qualified parties to conduct innovative research on cybersecurity and DNS Abuse related issues.


Develop practical solutions to combat DNS Abuse across the entire DNS.